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Universal Bleeding Control Pack 


Designed to store several Bleeding Control Kits in one centralized location. The Universal Bleeding Control Pack contains ten (10) Bleeding Control Kits inside a heavy duty, ripstop bag. Inside the lid of the bag is a mesh compartment designed to store optional supplies like chest seals, hemostatics, pediatric tourniquets, or whatever you wish to add.     


The Universal Bleeding Control Pack is available with a custom wall hanging cabinet to protect it while making it easily accessible. Click here to view the Universal Bleeding Control Station.


  • These kits can also be customized to meet the needs of you. For more information on custom kits please contact us.



Universal Bleeding Control Pack

*Product Add-On Options- SEE BELOW
    • 1 - Heavy Duty Rip Stop Semi-Rigid Bag
    • 10 - Bleeding Control Kits
    • Lid Compartment for up to 8 Add-On's